Monday, 7 December 2015

Pass the tissues...

I had one of those making weekends.

I found a tute, pulled my fabrics, worked round making Sunday lunch and getting dear son out the door for a day of laser-battling in the mud, an hour to myself and I got sewing.

Finished sewing. Gaaah!

OK, so American pocket-packs of tissues are, despite outside appearances, assumptions and trust, shorter and fatter than your UK variety it would seem.

8, yes 8 covers made, and they just looked bloody awful!  Not the fault of the tutorial - honestly I would have gone ahead and made the opening lengthways if it hadn't been pointed out that some, including the Kleenex I have, open at the short end!

I thought I could live with teacher/Brownie leader gifts looking a little bit gaping, but I couldn't, I resigned myself to that fact about 30 seconds later!

So today I made another set…


The kids have commandeered the originals for other uses, phones, headphones and the like, and I am a happier bunny.

Brief respite though, as today West Sussex Council's recommendations for changes to the schools in the area now mean, (shocking of me to assume it's a done-deal, not a real consultation!), the girls will spend an additional year at their current school and miss out on all the awesome opportunities dear son has had so far in Year 6.  Gutted.  The prospect of a further year of teacher gifts only adds to my disappointment.



  1. Sorry about the first batch of tissue holders but it's nice that the bairns have found uses for them (they could always add a fastener to them if need be). Hope the schools 'consultation' goes unexpectedly your way!

  2. Oh bum! Sell em to americans!! X

  3. Hopefully you still have some of the originals because I've found if I remove the tissues from the store plastic covers, it takes less room and then the tissues fit better. Also, some brands come with more tissues and removing one tissue can make the rest fit better. Who knew? Great job! I keep a bowl of these at my house for little "just because" gifts.

  4. These look great, you are amazing to have done 2 sets. I use a length ways opening on mine but always take them out of the packet to make them fit nicely and easier to get out. x


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