Friday, 4 December 2015

Week One of Christmas - tick

Friday evening; a load of things on the Christmas calendar have been ticked off.  Today was the girls' School Christmas Bazaar, shortly followed by dear son going out to his school disco.

All home now, my feet are up and the gadzillion things I need to get done over the next 48 hours can wait until morning.

On the plus side, and no effort required (by me), Stitch Tease Bee blocks continue to roll in…

These beauties from Di, with added choccy-goodness arrived today.  Thanks lovely lady!

Have a good weekend peeps, have a productive one for me xxx


  1. I do so love these feathers. My Christmas has just got busier as I have gone back to work in education again. This week we had the Christingle service, next week is the Christmas lunch and school disco, followed by parties, nativity, and the whole school going ice skating. This weekend I also need to decorate a pair of reindeer antlers to wear at all of the festivities (staff Christmas challenge!). x

  2. Loving all the stitch tease blocks you are getting - can't wait to see this quilt finished.


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