Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Good Lord!

It's December and I cannot even begin to work out how that happened!

I am not going to repeat the tone of my last few posts, blethering on about how busy I am and no time to blog; still all true, but you know the score!

So I owe you pics of my #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap haul…

…all posted on Instagram, and I was truly spoilt by my lovely partner!

I made a couple more Farmer's Wives…

…and I stitched up this little taggie for baby due early next year…

My Quilt Now Christmas Countdown has come out of the loft…

If it really was only 12 days to go, I would be waaaaaay more panicked than I am!
…but I really can't bring myself to start on the rest of the decorations just yet!

And incoming, the first two parcels of my Stitch Tease November Bee blocks have arrived…

I am so thrilled with these and can't wait for the rest ;)

Warning, Christmas is closer than it may appear…

I got followed home by a van stacked with Christmas Trees!
I am just not quite ready to accept it!


  1. I'm a bit in denial a bit in panic mode about the whole Christmas thingy.

  2. This week I started my first job in 19 years, after being a full time mum for so long it has come as a bit of a shock to the system. What isn't made now for Christmas just realistically isn't going to happen. I am not sure how I will fit everything in but am trying to at least do a couple of hexies per night to finally finish my EPP quilt. Happy Christmas. x


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