Friday, 5 June 2015

Purple Friday...

Over breakfast the girls remembered that they had forgotten to bring a party invite home.  The party is tomorrow!

So this evening I did the swift pulling, cutting, sewing thing.

I midi-sized Svetlana's Lola pouch pattern for the 8th birthday girl…

I managed to get this all done whilst the girls were at Brownies, having stitched on 10 more badges before they went.  When they came home, they had Thank You flowers for my help at the Pack Holiday.  They are just schmoozing me for next year no doubt!

So another week done, and a busy weekend ahead, I hope you have a good one too xxx


  1. What thoughtful girls you have! Jxo

  2. Love that purple and navy blue dragonfly fabric.
    That 8 year old will love it.

  3. Don't you just love those sort of requests! At least they remembered the day before not an hour before!!!!

  4. Kids are so much fun! At least they did remember in time. Lovely flowers too, it is nov ego be remembered and appreciated. x

  5. As you know, I love that dragonfly fabric! The pouch looks fantastic. your children are lucky to have you!!

  6. Love the pouch and fabric you've used. I'm in a bit of a pouch/ag making phase at the moment.

  7. Your girl's friends are the luckiest bunch to receive such carefully handmade gifts


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