Wednesday, 17 June 2015

I meant to blog, honest!

My days have kind of crashed into a sofa-coma as soon as the kids have hit the hay this week.  I have been sewing; drilling a nice big hole into my middle finger with all the hand-stitching and binding I have been doing.  I'm not too happy about that, so I'll be on machine duty for a few days.

I took photos along the way, to prove how productive I've been though…

This is a Father's Day cushion for my Dad.  I spent most of Sunday pulling and cutting fabrics, over-thinking some of the fussy-cut text and generally trying make my super-sized She Loves You block from Jen Kingwell's Quilt Lovely, perfect.

I managed to get a couple of flower heads onto my Amitié BOM over the weekend too, and today I had a good go at the sky of my #mysmallworld…

I am starting to have palpitations about the end of year teacher gifts, with dear son moving up to middle school, I have to go large!  And I have a couple of must-do projects to get off the ground too, so no time for slacking.

So that's where I am at.  If I go silent again, I am likely to be stitching sleeping xxx


  1. The fussy cuts are so amazing and that's such a lovely gift for your Dad! The quilting looks fab too. Enjoy the stitching / sleeping :)

  2. you rest that finger now .... lol

  3. That hole in the finger thing - I only get it sometimes - Maybe it's the needle? You've got some fab stuff there missus xxx

  4. Your dad will love his special present, all of that love sewn up so beautifully. x

  5. You need a thimble!!

    P.S. Love that cushion!

  6. I think in NZ, the best gift for teachers is ushering the children out the door on the last day of school. Gifts for teachers is just not something we do here. Maybe that needs to change?
    Love your Father's Day gift, and looking forward to seeing your progress on your My Small World quilt. It's on my list....


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