Tuesday, 9 June 2015

More prep...

I am on some sort of quilt-nesting mission right now.  Today I have prepped the whole of month seven of the Amitié Mystery BOM, having prepped the hexies for month 8 already.

I am going to machine-piece these, in-set seams 'n all, and in my head they will be perfect!!  And I am going to get all 22 little blocks made tomorrow.  That's if I am not distracted by the sunshine, my new book or some other shiny.  Tesco are also meant to be delivering back the Hudl, so we'll see how that goes, eh! xxx


  1. Looking forward to seeing how many you make! Di x

  2. I hope it all goes to plan. You're halfway there with that gorgeous selection of fabrics.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! Good luck with the blocks and the Tesco delivery...


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