Monday, 22 June 2015

Just Keep Stitching!

Although I am feeling down in the dumps with so much on my plate at the moment, I pulled myself together a little over the weekend, and it felt good.

On Saturday there was a quick visit to my parent's to drop off the She Loves You cushion, a success, and then on to Bluewater.  We hadn't taken the kids there since the girls were babies, we wanted to postpone the continual begging to go to The Disney Store, The Lego Shop, Build A Bear, Claire's Accessories, Hawkin's Bazaar et al for as long as possible!

We had a lovely lunch in GBK, I got to spend an early birthday White Stuff voucher from my parents, and grab a few more bits and pieces, including a little home dec from John Lewis to make a summer bag.  Hubby got to do some birthday shopping too, (I hope!).

Sunday was a quiet Father's Day, but there was cake and ice-cream along with the school project work and grass-cutting, so a smiling Daddy here nonetheless.

Today I failed to dodge the rain showers, but just now I happily managed to sew up the cushion pieces I prepped last week…

This is to be my blogiversary giveaway prize in a couple of weeks, giving me enough time to finish it off without adding to the stress!  Bonus.


  1. hads its gorgeous! love it.

  2. That's going to be fab cushion! Hugs to you xx

  3. I love that cushion panel!
    P.S. What's GBK?!

  4. The cushion is lovely. You sure are keeping busy

  5. Stitching and shopping are always good therapy. x

  6. hawkins bazaar is always a good one, then shame the shops are just about to shut.


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