Wednesday 18 December 2013

Getting Stuff Done...

So hair is cut, a couple of final pressies bought and parcels in the mail.  First table-mat, the man-brooch and a little key fob completed...

The only make I can show you for now!
This evening I am going to cut out freezer paper templates for dear son's cushion.

I am going to make him one of Kristy's Lego Batman panels; if it comes together really quickly I might make Robin too.

The weather is chucking it down outside; I will be doing a drive-by drop off at school off it doesn't stop by the morning, and then home to wrap wrap wrap.  I am going to catch up with all the Liberty programmes too, and hopefully answer the door to a number of delivery people.  I am quite looking forward to it.

If you are in the storm-path, I hope you don't have too much of a disrupted night xxx


  1. Hope all your parcels arrive! Seem to be waiting for loads here too. Have fun wrapping.

  2. I love the way you are so organised. Will you come and wrap my presents for me? It is one job that I don't like doing. Di x

  3. My boss decided I was Batman today, so maybe I need one of them too. We couldn't decide if he was Robin or the butler though ;o)

    Half of Glasgow seems to be blowing past me, hope you can dispatch the kids in the morning without that happening to one of them!

  4. Its horrid out there, staying inside and wrapping is the best option

  5. I love that ribbon on the key fob! It's awful weather here too. Time to stay in doors and sew and wrap! Your son will LOVE that Batman, and you so need to do the Robin too ;-)

  6. Snap! I caught up on the Liberty's programmes tonight while hand quilting. Andmust do the wrapping tomorrow or Friday. Can't wait to see batman.

  7. Am just a little bit jealous! A morning helping out at the preschool nativity play and lunch - hmmm, will be funny but no doubt I'll be tuckered out by this afternoon. I'd love a morning of wrapping up pressies with a cuppa - bliss! Enjoy xxx

  8. That's one cute fob and I'm dying to see what a man-brooch is. A night in with Liberty sounds awesome!

    PS - They were repeating the Christmas special this week....recorded it :) Happy days.

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  10. We had a couple of blown over trees impeding the journey home from work, but nothing too bad. Got my wrapping done on tuesday night, sharing a bottle of wine :)


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