Tuesday, 19 January 2016

World in Union...

This weekend, despite the germs flying round the house, I finished my 'My Small World' quilt top!!

I finished off all the appliqué and embroidery, swapping the landmarks for AHOPE, FAMILY and LOVE subtly stitched in the sky…

… and got the final panels joined together into one super, lovely, bonkers creation.

It is now all basted and ready for some serious hand-quilting action and not a moment too soon.  The cold weather has finally hit; no snow here but -5 when I left for work this morning, so my plans of sofa-time and something cosy to stitch under, can be fulfilled, tomorrow, if I have my way.

That's not all.  I've also made a couple of infinity scarves/cowls, whatever you want to call them, since I was last here!  Can't knit with sticks to save my life, according to my girls, sad but true, but on a loom I am already a whizz!  Pictures and future requests tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous! I need to get on mine!

  2. I agree with Ella above this is beautiful. Mine is lurking in a box..... Look forward to seeing the handquilting in progress.

  3. Bravo for finishing this quilt. I quit before I even started. Ha😂

  4. I love all the bright pops of red and aqua. The writing will make it extra special for you, nobody else will ever have one like this. Well done, enjoy the hand quilting. x

  5. This is just wonderful! And I love how you personalised it with special words too.


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