Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Promises, promises…

I promised you photos of some Christmas makes, and so I shall honour that at last.

3 pouches based on Svetlana's pattern, with an additional loop to attach a karabiner to, for all your Nerf-ing needs!

All 3 kiddos are Nerf gun fanatics, and those foam bullets get everywhere, so solution sought and found.  Everyone's a winner.

And talking of winners, I finished up Helen's additional prize yesterday, and mailed it to her today…

Another drawstring pouch; honestly, anyone who thinks you can have too many little pouches is mistaken!

Last night I was at a school meeting, battle plans to stop its closure, and tomorrow I am back to work, so my head is not as full of the light and fluffy stuff as I would like 6 days in, but I'm taking it in my stride thus far.


  1. Good luck with the battle plans. So right about the pouches!

  2. Who mentioned having too many little pouches? Let me at them!! Thank you for my hexagons and pouch - I love them all! The Nerf pouches are a fabulous idea, as is the loop for the karabiner! Thanks again xx


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