Thursday, 14 January 2016

Q1 FAL 2016 - The list

2016 FAL

I'm going to keep the listing short and sweet, and try really hard to improve on the last quarter's disastrous big fat zero!

1.  Oldie but goodie MATO, needs to be progressed in order to at least get me off my butt to take more up to date photos…

2.  Amiti√© BOM, it makes me sad to just have so many unfinished blocks...

3.  Stitch Tease Bee Feathers, I am awaiting the last few, and I can always carry it over!

4.  My Brit Bee Medallion, really really want to get this all basted to have a lovely quilt to snuggle up under and quilt now the cold weather has arrived at last...

5. My Small World, which is now almost there...

6.  The Gardenvale Farmer's Wives, if I decide to stay small, it may get finished...

Fingers crossed I get at least a few of these under my belt this quarter.  I only have one family birthday to make for, and a weekend away where sewing is the name of the game, so it has the making of being a productive quarter.

It's been all change in FAL Towers, a new expanded management team, fabulous sponsors and I'm hoping, new guilt tactics, or failing that, cattle prods to keep me focused!  

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  1. Such gorgeous projects Hadley! Your Amitie blocks are just beautiful! I don't have a cattle prod to hand but I will be cheering you on ;) I just got my list done and have kept it simple, I have a tendency to be a bit eager and unrealistic!

  2. Great projects Hadley - really love your Small World and can't wait to see the Feathers quilt too!

  3. Here's to a really productive quarter cuz you've got a full list of beautiful projects!

  4. I too am joining the finish along to try to keep me motivated. Being a no reply blogger (sorry long story) means I will just dream of the wonderful comments you would say back. I found your blog in a long convoluted way! Loving what you do.

  5. Good luck with all of this. My only goal is to find one evening in my life where I am not too tired to actually make the effort to collect my machine from the hallway and everything else from my bedroom, set it all up in the kitchen, and actually sew something, anything at all. x

  6. I can be a cheerleader/threatening presence if that would help?! Archie has a big stick which I'm sure he'd lend me...

    Good luck!


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