Monday, 26 October 2015

#easyswapuk wrapped up...

On Saturday I received my #easyswapuk goodies, woo hoo, hand delivered by Theresa (tlea_99)!

A lovely little pouch destined to hold my Fitbit extras; yes I have a few bracelets/straps and the charging and syncing bits and bobs to keep me on track, especially after immediately indulging in the Reese's in front of the Rugby!

And my first feather!!  I have made many for others, but now I have one of my own, and this has cemented my November request for my month as Stitch Tease boss-lady, (more on that soon)!  This beautiful mug rug has now replaced my original spec-mat by the side of the bed for plonking my glasses on at night, usually lens-down!

So that's another swap fulfilled with smiles all round.  Thank you again TheresaRosie and Hannah our swap mama.

I need to finish off my #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap parcel and then I am swap-free, but I am sure it won't stay that way for long ;)


  1. Great swap. I was immediately drawn to the feather. Happy swaps are great when they turn up on time and you like everything in them. x

  2. I played catch up today reading your blog. You have received a lovely swap gift.

  3. It's lovely! Not entirely sure what a fitbit is, but I'm glad you've got somewhere to store all its doings!


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