Thursday, 1 October 2015


Well that was an unexpected, but necessary break from the blogging routine.  I am sorry!

September was a slog, I can't sugar-coat it, but everyone is fit and healthy, so I shouldn't really grumble.

The household routine is bedding in; we still don't have as many hours in the day, pairs of hands or ability to be in two places at once as we would like, but new things are becoming the norm.

I am sure there are loads of things I should report back on, but I must confess there has not been that much sewing.  I have been reading more than I have in years, and yes, the Kindle has been responsible for a big proportion of that, as has sitting outside school for extended periods when it just isn't worth the round trip home for 15 minutes.

The nice weather has also meant that I have preferred to sit in the garden rather than be inside.  There will be months of cold and rain to stay indoors, so my To Sew list is stacking up nicely.

Since I was last here I did make a couple of Svetlana's Little Pyramid pouches though…

I couldn't resist the matching beheaded teddy Hama bead keyring for my friend's birthday…

I have also made a good start on my #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap…

There has been some fabric shopping, (no surprise there); the Dougherty's Roadshow is great for wadding and blenders, you just have to run the gauntlet of batik, brown and very old ladies tussling over the Christmas prints!

John Lewis sale time was also unavoidable, some Cath Kidston duck cloth, Tula Pink and Dashwood Studio all came home with me, but I have forgotten to get a group shot, sorry.

Dear hubby and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary last weekend…

... and whilst I write, new iPhones (only 5s, not the 6/6plus monsters), are being set up, having spent hours yesterday getting a super deal.  So more time-zapping fun to get those up to speed this weekend.

I tried and failed in my attempt to move out of my current department at work, but I am still keeping my feelers out on that one.

The kids are all doing well, the girls went up to London yesterday to do the Tower Bridge experience and take a boat up the Thames, dear son gets invested at Scouts next week, is loving the new school and has been let of the reins, walking home on his own and having a mobile phone too.

And then there's the Rugby!  See everything has been conspiring against me having any time left in the day for blogging!

So life is hectic but good.

Tomorrow I will hang my head in shame as I declare my Q3 FAL results!

Tumbleweeds be gone xxx


  1. Life does change when they go to different schools doesn't it? All a bit more hectic. Your children are all looking very grown up :) and congratulations on your anniversary x

  2. Hello! Nice to read your catch up :) Loving the look of your swap make! Belated happy anniversary to you both xx

  3. It's all change isn't it? I am just getting used to my one starting school and all the stuff that goes with it (namely dodging the PTA lady at every turn!). I figure that he'll be there for seven years and I will take my turn in due course, but not right now! Love the pyramid pouches and that EPP looks complicated, but gorgeous. Happy 12 years to you both too xx

  4. It's lovely to see you back and I'm glad the new routine is bedding in. Happy anniversary!

  5. It all sounds very happy. My sewing for September only consists of 12 tea wallets and a book cover as gifts for Christmas. x

  6. I've missed you. I feel so out of the loop these days. Glad all is well with you.

  7. Ah the rugby, it does take up a l o t of time doesn't it? Like yourself I seem to have been reading more and sewing less through September. Making the most of the late summer weather like yourself


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