Thursday, 28 May 2015


Me more than the girls, if all the chattering still going on upstairs in bed right now is anything to go by!

But hey, a good time had by all, a dozen more badges to stitch on, but at least the washing is done already…

I was also able to do a bit of doodling on Touchdraw today or the first time in ages, between the Tesco delivery, making chocolate flapjacks for Cub Camp and re-tie-dying the girl's crafty Ts for them.

Can't believe it is Friday again tomorrow, Half Term really hasn't been long enough, I haven't even had the sewing machine out (yet)!


  1. I hear ya. I haven't sewn on my machine for almost 2 weeks now.

  2. The drone of the washing machine, the true noise of half term!! Sarah

  3. You'll be going back to work for the rest ;o)

  4. Half Term is just crowd control! No sewing for me either :( roll on next week!


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