Monday, 4 May 2015

Receiving End...

On Saturday I received my parcel of goodies in the #ukminiswap.  So worth waiting for!

My partner was Annah (@this_malarkey), and she spoilt me rotten with a fantastic mini; EPP, appliqué, LV and all the other stuff I love, and the most awesome bundle of extras…

Thank you again Annah xxx

So that set me up for a good long weekend; new trainers, some sewing and a day out with the family today.

I know it's May the Fourth, so I'll just re-cycle the picture that has me smiling, even at the thought of it…

Back to work tomorrow, not so happy about that one xxx


  1. jings thats some pile of extras! lovely mini too :-)

  2. Wonderful gift stash. x

  3. Drooling at the Galaxy Ripples right now...

  4. yes they are nice treats :)

  5. Gorgeous goodies, and Harrison Ford - perfect combination!!!


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