Wednesday, 20 May 2015

End of Part One...

A day at the machine, with a little hand-stitchery in there for luck, and I have Part One of My Small World completed.

I am loving this, I really am.

So the final section came together without any dramas; I appliquéd the petal block and little doorway, but machine stitched the cat flap curve at the bottom!

I wish I had a load of top tips to share, but I didn't do anything too special.  However:

I pieced the sky by cutting 1.5" strips of all my low volume fabrics, and then joining them in pairs, cross-cutting 1.5"x3" pieces, as they are far more machine-friendly, and over the whole sky the repetition will really not be noticeable.

For the tiny (2" finished) pinwheels I cut pairs of 3" squares, stitched round the outside with a 1/4" seam, cut across both diagonals and then trimmed to 1.5" square after pressing; I did the same with a 6.5" square for the larger pinwheel.

I also used the quick HST and twist method for the QSTs, rather than cutting all the triangles and having a bias nightmare.  This makes two, but as there is another in a later section, something tells me templates were not used!

All obvious I'm sure.

No prizes if you can spot the block I inadvertently flipped; I am not in the slightest bit niggled by it, as I think I will be swapping up some of the blocks as I go along anyway, using up some mishaps and fussy-cuts as the urge takes me.  I am hoping to work in some pieced letters too of our initials, to personalise a little more, well it is My Small World after all.

I know I will not keep up this momentum; my plan is to work on this when I feel the urge, but to try and keep up with the QAL at the slowest.  The finish date is just before our wedding anniversary, and as this is planned to hang above our bed, I am hoping to have it completed by then, sentimental old thing that I am!

So that was a grand day off; I even basted a few hexes for my Amitié BOM.  Go me!


  1. Thank you for your advice! This is helpful!

  2. its beautiful m'deary, wish i could be qal'ing too!

  3. Thank you so much for the tips. I just got the magazine and I am getting itchy fingers to start.

  4. I saw the original in the flesh last weekend so I have now ordered the magazine from France and will be making my own. Yours is looking great.

  5. Oh my, this already looks amazing.x

  6. Go you indeed. Some really useful tips there. I have a lot of tiny orphan hsts that i am hoping to fit in along the way.

  7. Delighted you are doing this qal. I've decided being in the rear guard of this qal is a definite plus not least all the excellent tips from bloggers going before me such as yours and all the fantastic examples on IG. Love the contrast and colour choices you have in yours and am in awe how you achieved this in a day! I see a lot of trimming down and even paper piecing some of them for me to get the accuracy.

  8. I have just finished piecing the first sky piece and wish I had made strips as you have done, too late now as I have already cut all the little squares :( even though it was slower it was still quite enjoyable. Your first section looks really lovely, I can't spot the flipped block, I'm going to be like you and not worry if a block is misplaced with another, I think will personalise the quilt more.


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