Thursday, 17 October 2013

Put the flags out!

I am going to go link with the Randomeers on Friday, (just to be extra random), because I failed in my photo assignment for Cindy, and will make amends tomorrow.  If you haven't seen her instalment today, you should, it's brilliant!

Today, some of the teachers were on strike, but the girls were still 'in', hubby and son had the day off, so I went to work.  I had my 'in-year review', which took hours, but set me up nicely for a trip to Tesco and then a pit-stop at the local fabric shop on my way home.

Tomorrow one of my fellow managers will be moving up into the village.  I had been dithering about whether to make some sort of house-warming gift, (bearing in mind no-one I work with knows I sew, or blog, or have this whole alter-ego going on!); but as soon as I saw Nova's bunting yesterday, dilemma resolved.

I bought some bias binding and a FQ of some Timeless Treasure pretty rose fabric, came home, and made some.  Just like that!

Apologies for the crappy pictures, the light was fading, and they will be all parcelled up before morning!

I remembered Amy's tip about using a piece of card to press the finished flags, and it worked a treat.  The flags are c. 4" wide and 5" long, and the bias binding in 1.5m.

I am still waiting for stuffing, but in the mail today...

It's bloody marvellous!!  The blocks all look beautiful, and the projects are gorgeous and I would still say that even if those super talented ladies, Kerry and Lynne weren't my friends!

I'll say a bit more about the book when I have made something from it, which I am hoping will be really soon!

So that's my lot, not long 'til the weekend, happy days.


  1. Oooh, Hadley the secret sewing squirrel, it's a strange reaction you get from others when you tell them you sew. I'm sure your work friends will be impressed with their present, very cute!

  2. Great gift! Wish I'd known that tip re pressing with cardboard in when I was pressing five sets of bunting this week! My fingers would be a lot less singed!

  3. The perfect house warming gift. Now they can decorate a whole room around the bunting!! Jxo

  4. One of my team makes clothes, and the others always refer to her as the one who sews. Whe. I took one of my quilts in to show them, they were gob-smacked

  5. Ugh, review day, such a waste of time! 'This year we'll do x, y and z' Really? I don't think we will...

    Anywho, good job on the bunting. My colleagues have no fricking clue what I do in my spare time, but they're men, so I don't think they care ;o) I did have to fess up when I was off to the Alps why I was going, but my boss looked at me rather puzzled and said, 'You're off to teach people how to make bags? But you never even use a handbag!' Ah, but using and making are 2 totally different things ;o)

  6. I hope you got an excellent review. The bunting is a lovely present, and I need to see if my book is on the way yet.

  7. Gorgeous house warming present!

  8. Oh gosh i obviously jabbed much more than you!! the new head did a sort of bingo quiz for her first meeting: 20 squares with things like Someone who can ride a horse, Someone who has lived in another country, Someone who can sew on a button. . . And i round the room i could hear muttering that "Benta must be able to sew buttons on"!!!

  9. Of course, the bunting will put your alter ego "out there"

  10. LOVE the bunting! And love the binding too, it goes perfectly. Will you ever reveal your alter ego??! I'm putting that book on my Christmas list, can't wait to get my hands on it :-)

  11. Love the bunting. I am hoping to trial at least one block from the book this weekend

  12. Do you think you will be outed at work now?!!


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