Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I wanted to get a few pics of my #IGminiswap in the sunshine, as I have been remiss in showing you it bound and all, but the wind made it a little tricky, but I managed one!

I also managed to get the Creeper ready for binding, which I will crack on with shortly.

Tomorrow we should be doing an Easter Egg hunt around the village, which beats the ironing pile that is glaring at me from the corner of the conservatory, just!  And with any luck I'll get to try out the bias-binding maker that I received in the mail today - those AmitiĆ© BOM stalks need making.


  1. Love the feathers. Enjoy the easter egg hunt, I hope it is not too windy. x

  2. Love the feathers mini. It's clearly been made for me. Even though I'm not in the swap. :-)

  3. I would rather have done an Easter egg hunt than the pile of ironing I did earlier! I have a pack of bias binding makers, the first time I tried it was a right fiddle but last time really easy...guess I had it wrong the first time

  4. Beautiful! Your swap partner will be very fortunate!

  5. I so want some feathers in a quilt, these are lovely.


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