Monday, 30 March 2015

For the boy...

I've started the holidays by cracking on with the Creeper quilty-blanket thing.  I got the top all sewn up today, and hopefully, by this time tomorrow I will be enjoying a lovely binding session…

I am determined to get this one ticked off as quick as possible so that I can do some serious damage to the Amité parcels that are stacking up.  I feel a mega-cutting session brewing in order to be able to hand-stitch to my heart's content for the foreseeable.

I live in hope xxx


  1. It looks very cool but I did have to google what it is!! Jealous of your amite packages and look forward to seeing what you sew :)

  2. Brilliant! You will have one happy customer!

  3. This is awesome! My son would love a minecraft blanket. May I ask what size your squares finish to?

  4. My daughter and I made a pillow Creeper together. She loves it. Minecraft is one of her favorite games. Your quilt will be loved and if my daughter saw it, she'd be jealous.


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