Sunday, 2 November 2014


I have had a super sewing day; the weather helped by making everyone more than contented to just veg out, (and leave me alone!).

I got 3 birthday gifts ticked off dear son's birthday list, and I am feeling rather pleased with myself.

First was a pillow case; on the PGL kit list, and a simple make following this tutorial; nothing fancy, and there may even be a possibility that the young chap will be able to get the pillow inside himself!

Then another requirement for the trip, a named purse.  Well, trying to make it more fun than feminine, I think I've pulled it off…

And then finally, an Iron Man hudl2 case.  Using another of Kristy - Quiet Play's awesome free patterns, lined with flannel and backed with more of today's favourite, I am hoping for bonus mummy points for this…

I still need to get 3 goodie bags made for the girls' sleepover on Friday, but the pressure has been relieved somewhat, and I can cope with taking a few hours out of my day to go back to work tomorrow.



  1. so very cool, hope the wee man is as impressed as we are! x

  2. You're such a good mummy! Love the paper pieced Iron Man x

  3. Holy Zippers! These are awesome! Jxo

  4. Such an awesome bday present stack! You're giving me ideas for my geeky hubby's.

  5. I'm sure work will appreciate you rocking up, but not half as much as O will appreciate his pressies!

  6. Phew, you had a very productive half term there...


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