Sunday, 23 November 2014


I promised you pictures of the other makes from yesterday; honestly, it feels like we have moved up into the Arctic Circle with the lack of daylight this weekend, so these are the best of a bad bunch of photos I'm afraid…

Baggy pouches and mini key-fobs for the daughters of an amazing friend, who I am thankful I will get to spend some precious hours with on Wednesday.  Some Tula, Cotton & Steel and a little Brit Bee Forever tag on each, to remind the recipients that there are a bunch of oddballs 'aunties' over here who will keep them in their hearts for always xxx


  1. Very cute pouches - love that raccoon!!

  2. Aw you're making me all teary now! Jxo

  3. Great gifts, I really love the way you have centred the Tula Pink fabric. x

  4. Love the pouches. Where do you source your key fob hardware?

  5. What special gifts, they are lovely and I'm sure will be very well received indeed.

  6. Another great looking zippy pouch pattern


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